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Before fall or winter hits, you should check your roof for loose and missing materials, especially holes. This practice can be observed from the ground. You shouldn't ever climb on your roof; it's too dangerous.

Eliminate chilly drafts

Adjust your weather stripping to fit the door. You may need new stripping; we recommend weather seals from Q-Lon.


Your threshold needs to meet the bottom of the door. To make sure it's tight, you can adjust the tongue of the keeper with a needle-nose pliers.

• Clean your gutters and downspouts to ensure water flows freely

• Select a gutter guard that is appropriate for the leaf size in your area

• Cover your gutter with a guard that can handle wet, heavy leaves

Stay warm indoors with window insulation

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Don't forget to cover your exterior basement windows and your installed air conditioner.

It prevents snow and wind damage.

Prevent costly roof repairs

Before fall and winter, you need to check and clean all your exterior window seals and sills. Repair broken rope and balance chains with inexpensive products from your hardware store. If you don't have storm windows, cover the inside with plastic.

Get your gutters ready

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